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Professional practice demands specialisation and versatility, even more so since the sources of inspiration for architecture are increasingly more numerous and diverse. A thousand images selected by Luis Fernández-Galiano, and brief texts by the same serv

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Cluster of Collections

  • The Eye of the Architect and the Rubble of History
  • The Surrounding Disorder
  • Ways of Seeing
  • Elegy of the Eye
  • Skeptical Visions

House – Houses and Contexts

  • The Elementary Life. Energy, Dwelling and Territory
  • The Mutant Cabin
  • Suburban Viruses
  • American Beauty
  • A Flat Planet
  • Containers and Contents. The Dream of the House
  • Domestic Scenes
  • Classical Simulacra
  • Containers Adrift
  • Designer Dreams

Consumer Cities

  • Urban Landscapes. Geometries of Movement
  • Organic Agitations
  • Modern Times
  • Landscape on Wheels
  • Paradoxes of Density
  • Utopia and Facsimile. Between Babel and Disney
  • Co-Opted Utopias
  • Theme Cities
  • Fairytales
  • The World According to G.

Body – Corporal Concert

  • Virtual Matter.The Fading of Flesh
  • New Eve and New Adam
  • Intangible Nudes
  • The Fleeing Figure
  • Frames and Signs
  • The Naked Herd. Pain and Human Domestication
  • Deconstruction of Pain
  • Stories of the Hand
  • Exposed Anatomies
  • Animal Holocaust

Calm Catastrophes

  • Accident and Formlessness. Bubbles in the Museum
  • Frictions of Fracture
  • Catastrophe and Exorcism
  • Bubble of Blobs
  • The Museum Fashion
  • Architects on the Catwalk. Spectacle and Scale
  • Works on Display
  • Paper Architects
  • Author and Audience
  • Style against Scale

Crisis – Crepuscular Crises

  • The Skyscraper and the Airplane. Metaphors of 9/11
  • Frames of Horror
  • Premonitions and Echoes
  • Duel in the City Heights
  • The Forms of Flight
  • Logos in Conflict. Globalization and Cultural Clash
  • The logic of Logos
  • Geographies of Sunset
  • Lights and Gravestones
  • War Colors

Conflict Codes

  • The Image of the Other. Conscience and the Media
  • The Media Sphere, -Unveiled Women
  • The West and the Other
  • Dressed to Die
  • Leaders, Flags, Victims. The Boundaries of the Planet
  • The Great Game of Asia
  • Babel against Babylon
  • Raising Flags
  • Wandering Identities

Epilogue – Choral Cameras

  • Endless History and the Multitudes of the World
  • The Crowd and the Void
  • Unanimous Humanity
  • Group Dynamics
  • Spirits and Specters

136 pages, color ills / 24 x 30 cm / Spanish, English

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