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Space’, a monthly architectural magazine, presents a collection of ten contemporary houses that have been featured in recent years. They were chosen because they reflect recent developments in Korean housing design while providing innovate solutions on an

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This book is a story of ten houses that attempt to answer the call of the time. All of them have been recently introduced through the monthly Space. They were briefly introduced in the magazine as recent works or as part of a series, but here they are probed more in depth – images are added as well as more details, as each one becomes the center of attention. Not only are they meaningful as individual works, but as a collection they provide useful hints at assessing the major housing trends of our time.

As a matter of fact, the “houses” in this book are somewhat unfamiliar and unconventional. Included in this book as types of “housing” are weekend homes or pensions where the stay tends to be short and non-periodic, and sleeping quarters created in neighborhood facilities and workplaces. Nevertheless, the architectural elements witnessed in these places are rooted in the fundamental definition of a house, although somewhat different from the traditional one.
Each work is introduced through an essay written by the architect, in its raw and unedited form. As the direction of each writing is different, it may deprive the book of a unifying theme, but it will be more helpful in understanding the actual thoughts and conflicts experienced by architects.
Through these “houses,” we can compare architectural designs that, each in its own way, attempt to reflect the program, functions and sentiments related to a house that change along with social and cultural trends. Each architect came up with a realistic answer that fulfills different sets of conditions and objectives, exhibiting new materials, experimental designs, rational problem-solving and rich emotional experience. Concept and expression, program and functions, materials and details – these are the keywords for building a house that, when put together, set the direction for the house.
“What is a house?” The answer to this question may be either emotional or specific for the broad meaning that we tend to associate with a house. But no matter the stated answer, each of us, in our subconscious, has individual intentions about a house. In the end, what matters are our views on the house. After all, it is where our city, our architecture and our culture begin.
Sang-leem Lee _ Editor

312 pages / 23 x 26 cm / Korean/English

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