Re-Humanizing Architecture New Forms of Community 1950-1970 v.1

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Re-Humanizing Architecture: New Forms of Community, 1950-1970: Volume 1. After the Second World War, a divided Europe was much affected by a period of reconstruction. This was influenced by the different political systems – in the socialist East and in th

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Re-Humanizing Architecture: New Forms of Community 1950-1970 Volume 1

  • Architectural parallels between different political systems in Europe
  • People, rules, buildings, theories – a synopsis in a new dimension
  • Contributions by numerous international experts

Aims and Scope
After the Second World War, a divided Europe was much affected by a period of reconstruction. This was influenced by the different political systems – in the socialist East and in the capitalist West, the focus was on cohesion in society and its cultural and architectural expression. In parallel to the rapidly progressing industrialization of the building industry, debates on the humanization of the built environment were led on both sides with great intensity. The volume shows how, on the back of existentialism, new monumentality, and socialist realism, quite similar concepts and strategies were developed in order to find answers to questions relating to adequate structures for new forms of community and identity.


  • Foreword. East West Central: Re-Building Europe / Moravánszky, Ákos
  • Introduction / Hopfengärtner, Judith

I. Discourses on Humanism

  • Re-Humanizing Architecture: The Search for a Common Ground in the Postwar Years, 1950–1970 / Moravánszky, Ákos
  • CIAM: From “Spirit of the Age” to the “Spiritual Needs” of People / Pedret, Annie
  • Was Humanized Socialist Modernism Possible After All? The Promise and Failure of Mass Housing in Hungary / Kerékgyártó, Béla
  • Mieczysław Porębski: Man and Architecture in the Iconosphere / Bałus, Wojciech

II. Building New Societies

  • Continuity or Discontinuity? Narratives on Modern Architecture in East and West Germany during the Cold War / Heynen, Hilde
  • Building Together: Construction Sites in a Divided Europe During the 1950s / Drosos, Nikolas
  • Building a New Warsaw, Building a Social Warsaw: The First Reconstruction Plans and Their International Review / Hanáčková, Marcela
  • Building a New Community – A Comparison Between the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia / Martin, Marijke / Wagenaar, Cor
  • “Social Efficiency” and “Humanistic Specificity”: A Double Discourse in Romanian Architecture in the 1960s / Vais, Dana
  • Sociological and Environmental- Psychology Research in Estonia during the 1960s and 1970s: A Critique of Soviet Mass-Housing / Hallas-Murula, Karin

III. The Urban Context

  • Bogdan Bogdanović and the Search for a Meaningful City / Kulić, Vladimir
  • From “New Units of Settlement” to the Old Arbat: The Soviet NĖR Group’s Search for Spaces of Community / Beyer, Elke
  • Theories and Practices of Re-Humanizing Postwar Italian Architecture: Ernesto Nathan Rogers and Giancarlo De Carlo / Molinari, Luca
  • Urban Planning and Christian Humanism: The Institut Supérieur d’Urbanisme Appliqué in Brussels under Gaston Bardet / Sterken, Sven / Weyns, Eva
  • The Monumentality of the Matchbox: On “Slabs” and Politics in the Cold War / Moos, Stanislaus von
  • Between City and University: New Monumentality in the Student Center of the Campus of Coimbra / Constantino, Susana

IV. The Inhabited Nature

  • Socialist Pastoral: The Role of Folklore in Socialist Architectural Culture, 1950s and 1960s / Maxim, Juliana
  • Dwelling in the Middle Landscape: Rethinking the Architecture of Rural Communities at CIAM 10 / Mota, Nelson
  • A Desire for Innocence? Community and Recreational Architecture around Lake Balaton / Wettstein, Domonkos
  • Unexpected Side Effects: Indirect Benefits of International Mass Tourism on Croatia’s Adriatic Coast / Zinganel, Michael
    Appendix, Notes on Contributors, Index

376 pages, 170 colour illustrations, 3 black & white tables / 16,5 x 24,5 cm / English

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